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The Story behind Every Apron


We are Monica and Melissa, sisters and kindred spirits, raising our families in the Inland Northwest. 


Sharing a love for our grandmothers' linens and lace, we were inspired to re-purpose them and other collected gems into heirloom aprons. 


We live only 30 minutes apart in neighboring towns, but blessed with 19 children between us, we didn't have much time for sister visits!  When we started Every Apron in 2011, we discovered that getting together to design our aprons was just the sister time we needed.  Each week we share a pot of tea, family news and the joy of handcrafting heirloom quality aprons.


We carefully select just the right vintage linens, handkerchiefs, buttons, brooches, gloves and earrings which we re-purpose into  works of art.   Our imaginations overflow, thinking about the woman from the past whose skillful hands crocheted the trim or hand embroidered the flowers on a hanky or dresser scarf, or one of the many dainty items we have found.


Much appreciation is felt for those women like our great-grandmothers who so carefully put everything to good use.  We wanted to honor our own great-grandmother, Ethel, who was a ray of sunshine in our lives. A photo of her is on all of our apron tags, holding the tiny hands of our wonderful mother, Sara.


We are pleased to stitch pieces of that past together for this generation of women to cherish.


It is wonderful working together and bringing our treasured aprons to you!


Please stop by again soon!


With joyful hearts,

Melissa and Monica

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