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Our Little Shop


When you purchase an apron from us, you are buying a one of a kind original.  No one will ever have one like yours.  


We wish we could have more aprons for sale all at once, but because each requires many hours of selecting the right linens and lace, designing, and sewing, we are only able to finish a small number of aprons each week.


We will be posting new aprons regularly, so please check back.  Or better yet - go to the Contact page and send us an email - we'll let you know whenever we post new aprons to the site.


Although we accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and checks, we won't have a 'cart' or 'checkout' feature here, because we feel that these aprons are too personal to be automated.


So, please call or email us to purchase one of our aprons.    Shipping is $9.00.

  Please email us if you are interested.

Click any of the aprons below to see a closeup!

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